Merit List 2024-25

Chetna Nasha Virodhi Lehar

Our society is deeply mired in the menace called Drugs. The aim of this Manch is to sensitise the students about the ill effects of drug addiction. The chetna nasha virodhi manch organises lectures and other activities to spread awareness about drug abuse. Students are given counselling about various career opportunities so that they employ their time and energy in constructive manner rather then wasting it. Holistic development of stIn the contemporary times our society is struggling with many social issues and drug abuse is one of the prevalent social issues. Therefore it becomes all the more important for the educators to guide the students in the right direction and it is in this context that the College focuses on holistic development of the students' personality. The College endeavours hard to provide an atmosphere in which the personality of the students can blossom to its fullest potential. The task is not very easy because it involves striking a perfect balance e so that the teaching-learning continuum does not get relegatedto the second spot but is rather supplemented by extra-curricular, co-curricular activities.

The practice involves making the maximum number of students participate in several activities aimed at honing their innate talents and realizing their multiple potentialities. We organise seminars, debates, discussions, poster making and signature campaign every year. Young achievers are given prizes by the Lehar in order to motivate them to tread the path of righteousness. Posters and slogans are pasted on the walls by the students and rallies are organised to spread awareness about the evils of drug addiction. Another highlight is that our students visit schools in their villages and create awareness about drug abuse

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