Welcome to Government College Department : Political Science Department

INTRODUCTION: - The Post Graduate Department of Political Science was established in the year 1945. There are more than 750 students in UG& PG department of Political Science. The department has a district legal service cell and celebrates all the constitution and legal days with the collaboration of DLSARupnagar.


  • To provide a broad based political education that is grounded in the fields of theoretical traditions.
  • To develop the research potential of the students in a learner friendly environment.
  • To promote a healthy two-way relationship between the teachers and students, who are taught by strengthening the academic feedback mechanism.
  • To provide value added courses to complement the routine syllabi in order to achieve overall excellence.
  • To enable students with a learning EXPERIENCE : that will equip them to face the challenges of an increasingly complex job market.
  • To develop analytical and methodological skills that will serve them well regardless of their chosen profession.


The vision of the department is to shape the way for the students so that they understand the basics of the subject. We prepare the students to become good citizens and leaders in future who are committed to values of social and gender justice and public service. The purpose of this department is to provide students with a good undertaking of key concepts and approaches to the study of global politics. The department also focuses to impart quality education so as to develop scientific temper and spirit of critical enquiry. The teachers also aim to impart the quality and real information about the subject so that students are able to become thinkers and reformers for the society.