Welcome to Government College Department : Physical Education Department

INTRODUCTION: The Department of Physical Education was started in the year of 1945 with B.A as elective subject in Physical Education. The department has emerged as one of the premier centre of Physical Education in India. It has acquired a prominent status in the country and has earned several distinctions during its existence.

VISION: In line with the University mission, the Department has the aim of educating the "whole-person" to serve societywith the help of physical education and sports. By improving our academic programmes and services to the University and local community, we pledge to continually strive for academic excellence and to maintain our leadership role in our profession.

MISSION: Our Missions are:

  • To make people aware about the benefits of physical activity through extension lectures and demonstrations.
  • To provide excellent research and teaching in Physical Education in order to promote and develop the health and well being of people.
  • To promote health through specific physical activities, prescribed by a specialized physical educationalist.
  • To collaborate with the different organizations which are involved in promoting the quality life of the human beings i.e., educational institutions and NGOs.
  • To provide harmonious and stimulated academic environment for the promotion of quality teaching and research in the department.
  • To provide opportunity to faculty and students of the department for their self evaluations, accountability, autonomy and innovations in the area of physical education and sports.