Welcome to Government College Department : Philosophy Department


This department was established in 1945.


The philosophy of perception is concerned with the nature of  perceptual EXPERIENCE :  and the status of  perceptual data , in particular how they relate to beliefs about, or knowledge of, the world. Vision of Philosophy  is designed to enable students to communicate a clear understanding of historical and contemporary  philosophical  inquiry; demonstrate an ability to think independently about a  philosophical topic  or problem; clearly articulate and support their own views.


  • To inspire the student to confront the philosophical problems implicit in the EXPERIENCE : of self, others and the universe, together with the question of their relations to ultimate transcendence (God and immortality);
  • To develop in the student habits of clear, critical thinking within the framework of both an adequate philosophical methodology.
  • To introduce the student to reading critically the great philosophers, past and present, and
  • Finally, to help the student to formulate for himself or herself a philosophy of life or world.