Welcome to Government College Department : Home Science Department

INTRODUCTION: This department was established in 1982.


Train young girls and boys to build up ideal families and motivate them to become agents of social change by stimulating their creative faculties, powers of reasoning and reflection.


  • Provides scientifically planned, multi-dimensional, skill oriented, personality development courses which enable young girls and boys to excel in areas of health, family care, community service and ,more importantly diverse career and professions in today’s context.
  • Provides education not only to acquire knowledge but also to inculcate a sound philosophy for holistic living.
  • Educates young girls and boys toward independence and equality by inculcating a sense of self-worth , integrity and purpose.
Home science is an interdisciplinary field of knowledge with focus on:-

Foods and Nutrition,
Textile and Apparel Designing,
Human Development and Family Studies,
Resource Management
Extension Education and Communication Management.

Subjects taught in different semesters are Family Resource Management, Health & Hygiene, Human Physiology, Clothing & Textiles, Food & Nutrition and Human Development.

In practical classes the students are taught Interior Decoration, First Aid, Garment Designing, Drafting and Construction, Embroidery, Tie & Dye, Meal Planning, Preservation, Recipes using various cooking methods, etc.

Home scienceaims to achieve family happiness, raise its moral standards and improves its economic conditions. It also helps each individualto live more useful and satisfying personal, family and community life. Home science helps pupils to develop a point of view that challenges them to explore how to live together happily in their families, other social groups and communities. The objectives of Home science are to be achieved by fully allowing the boy/man as well as the girl/woman to develop personally and professionally.


It is a faculty of science that prepares its students to develop themselves with multiple vocational and career options.

Home science education prepares youth for home making as well as several professions- teaching, nursing, dietetics, research, welfare, management, art application, extension work and communication.

Men as well as women have played the roles of breadwinners and homemakers. It has become necessary for men to share housework, to enable women as professional persons to contribute to the nation.